The Speech Pathology Centre, established in 1998, is a renowned clinic providing speech therapy services for paediatric clients from 6 months until 16 years of age.

We provide therapy sessions in three formats:

  • Individual Therapy with a focus on the professional therapist imparting skills to a child in their areas of difficulty. These sessions can be held weekly, twice weekly, thrice weekly or daily depending on the nature and severity of the issues and the time-frame given to achieve optimal results.
  • Parent-Training Sessions with a focus on training parents and caregivers to assist their child in the home environment. These frequency of these sessions is usually mutually agreed upon by parents and therapist.
  • The Programme – click here to learn more about this innovative, integrated and intensive therapy solution for children with special developmental and/learning needs.

All therapy services are provided by qualified Consultant Therapists who have professional experiences in their disciplines ranging from 8 years to over 20 years.

Our committment to current best practice ensures that your child receives therapy that experience and research has proven to reliably lead to desired results. Research suggests that ¾ children with learning difficulties have inadequate social interactions as a result of delayed social and communication development. Social interaction is the only prerequisite to communication. For this reason, The Speech Pathology Centre utilizes both individual and group therapy as a means of enhancing and facilitating children's social interactions and communication skills. The Speech Pathology Centre also administrates the well known neurodevelopmental preschool program entitled  The   Programme.



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